ASKOSI -- Application Services for Knowledge Organization and System Integration

be.destin.beans Reflexion helpers for ASKOSI classes (or others)
be.destin.rdf.changes SKOS update workflow and mapping of ASKOSI in memory model toward Sesame RDF
be.destin.skos.analyze Analyze Indexation (Faceting support)
be.destin.skos.core In memory model for SKOS data: core classes, read me first!
be.destin.skos.html Helpers for displaying SKOS data in HTML
be.destin.skos.rdf Helpers for displaying SKOS data in RDF
be.destin.skos.resources Searches in SKOS data.
be.destin.skos.view Classes to model hierarchical views of SKOS data, marshalling in XML or transformation to HTML using XSLT
be.destin.skos.xml Support functions for XML generation.
be.destin.util Diverse support functions